Xaver Schlager RB Salzburg tactical analysis statistics
Artwork by @chapulana

It’s no secret that RB Salzburg belongs to the clubs which develop the best talents in Europe. And it is also no secret that most of them move to RB Leipzig at one point. Due to the history of Red Bull ownership, both teams are closely connected.

During the transfer period in January one of the most promising talents of Salzburg, Amadou Haidara moved to Leipzig and recently scored his first goal in the Bundesliga. Hannes Wolf will follow in the summer and maybe also Xaver Schlager. Or is he the exception?

Nevertheless, the blond midfielder of Salzburg belongs to the most promising talent production lines in European football. However, his lack of consistency could lead to a fairly low buying price. It could present a chance to land a real steal, because Schlager is incredibly talented. In this piece, I will show you why more teams should take a close look at the Austrian midfielder.

The attacking weapon

In Marco Rose’s diamond at RB Salzburg, Xaver Schlager usually plays in either the left or right central midfielder position. From this position, he supports the attack, participates in combination play and helps Salzburg to stay compact when opponents are in possession.

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